Big Mac and Malbec


    BigMac & Malbec

    In an interesting development, WineTimes reports that McDonalds is serving wine as part of a value meal in the Argentine wine capital of Mendoza.


    Billed as the "Sabores Mendocinos" menu, the meal includes a double-patty burger of Angus beef, two meat empanadas, and a 187mL bottle of local Malbec produced by Bodega Santa Julia.


    At 47.00 Argentinean pesos ($10.80), the Sabores Mendocinos is certainly not the most expensive McDonalds meal available — the $17 "1955 burger" meal of Norway holds that dubious honor — but it's definitely up there.


    So, what does it taste like?


    Well, the bottle describes the vintage as "an intense, balanced wine with aromas of red fruits and spices" but our intrepid reporter had to disagree:


    It's very fruity, sure, but we're just not getting an hints of spice or wood or smoke or anything other than berries. If we had to use one word to describe it, we'd go with "drinkable".


    Drinkable, eh? That sounds like the perfect pairing for your "edible" burger.


    Would you like fries with that, sir?